Think, Strategize, Fight

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Here, you will start from scratch and meet like-minded comrades. With wisdom and courage, you set out on a journey to conquer and unite the lands. Use the Strategy system and deploy Frontline, Center, and Rearguard units to fight your opponents in small-scale skirmishes. You can also mobilize your army on the large-scale world map, devising a decisive plan to win it all. In Three Kingdoms, it’s all about strategies. This time, you get to write your own history. 

War spreads like wildfire. The world is divided by warlords. 
The new Legion update is live! Traverse the nine provinces and fight for the glory of your Legion! Here, you will find various social features and mobilize your troop on the world map. You can also create a Legion, collect resources, meet allies, fight for Dragon Nests, and experience the four seasons. Play the way you want to play in a Three Kingdoms world with infinite possibilities.